Background Music

Here is one way to add a music player to your Google Site.

If you want background music to play when the page loads you can have it.

  1. Upload the MP3 file to your page or to a separate file cabinet page.
  2.  Right-click on the download link and copy the link.
  3. Edit your page
  4. Click Insert
  5. Select More Gadgets
  6. Click Add gadget by URL
  7. Insert the URL:
  8. Click the Add button
  9. Configure it with the URL of the music file you have uploaded to your site
  10. If you want the music to start automatically select "Yes" in Auto Start 
  11. If you want the music to play continuously select:"Yes": in Loop audio
  12. If you want to let people download your audio file select "Yes" in Show download link
  13. Remove the check from "Display title on gadget"
  14. Click OK and save the page
An alternate gadget URL is

This one plays an MP3 set to to start automatically and to loop.