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Chatwee does not have configuration instructions for Google Sites.
This is because we can't get into the full HTML in order to insert
their code. I have found a method that works for GS. It puts a chat box
on your page. We can't use the configuration that puts a pop up
link on your page(s).


  1. Create a chat at  (see Note below)
  2. Go to Customize:
  3. See Full URL and Copy it.
  4. In your Google Site insert the iframe gadget and configure it with the Full URL.
NOTE: You can't create a Chatwee account using a Google Sites URL for the website.
It works when you use a domain name. If you don't have a domain try or perhaps as your site URL.

When the chat loads you will be signed in with a temporary name. You can change the name, create an account or sign in using your Facebook, Google+ or other account.
Click the 3 horizontal line icon:

You can moderate the messages in your forum at the chatwee site in your dashboard under history.