Editing Problems

Sign in with the right account

If you are having problems accessing the editing functions on your Google Site you may be logged in with an account that doesn't have editing privileges. Follow these steps:

  • If you have another instance of a web browser or another tab on a tabbed browser open, close all such instances.
  • Go to http://sites.google.com/. If there is a Sign out button click it.
  • Now access your site at its Google Site address, such as sites.google.com/site/mysite. 
  • You should now see a Sign in link at the bottom of the page.
  • Be sure to sign in with the correct account  (One that has ownership or collaborator privileges). Send a 'Site sharing request'.
  • In order to see all of the editing options you must be signed in with an owner account. How to tell how you are signed in.

Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of your Web browser.

I have had no problem editing my site with IE8 or 9, but if you do click here for information that may help. Also make sure that you are not in compatibility view mode.

Firewalls, ad blockers, etc.

Sometimes firewalls or anti-virus programs will block access to editing functions. This can especially occur in corporate or academic networks.  Unrestricted access to gstatic.com is necessary.

Ad Blockers and Pop-up Blockers can prevent the use of parts of Google Sites.

Users are reporting that the Diigo Web Collector Extension prevents them from editing their sites.

Setting your zoom level to anything other than 100% can also be a problem. 

If you have moved from a Google Sites personal account to an Apps account and have lost access please read Steegle's information:
Moved to Google Apps and Lost Ownership of Google Site

Redirection Problem

If you get into a constant redirection loop when you try to access your site for editing clear your Internet cache or try a different browser: Chrome or Firefox.

If a particular page redirects to another site before you can click to edit it try pressing the escape key on your keyboard immediately when you access the page, or as soon as the page opens hit the key m and then g then r. This will open the revision page. Revert an earlier version.

You can also go to Pages > List page by adding /system/app/pages/admin/pagelisting to the end of your site URL. Find the affected page and click on the revision number (in the Revisions column) Go back through the revision history to find the last save without the error and revert to that version.

Computer Locks Up

If your computer locks up or your browser freezes when you try to edit your site:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of your browser
  • Make sure you don't have compatibility view enabled (IE)
  • Make sure you don't have any interfering add ons
  • Make sure zoom level is set to normal
  • Clear the cache and cookies in your Web browser
  • Use a different browser than normal

For other suggestions please read:

My Computer hangs (locks up)/web browser freezes (site frozen) at "Recovering edit from draft" - why?

If you still can't edit your site Go to the Google Sites Help Forum and post a question explaining you can no longer edit your site and make sure you provide the URL (web address) of your site.

Can't edit or delete a page

If you have a particular page where the edit and more actions buttons don't work:
A: First try these things:
  1. Clear your cookies and cache
  2.  Reset browser settings
  3. Try using in an incognito window
  4. Try using Chrome with all extensions and plugins disabled
  5. Try a different web browser

B. Then try pressing the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard as soon as the page starts loading. This might allow you to get into edit mode in some cases.


C. Revert to an earlier version
  1. Go to Pages > List page by adding /system/app/pages/admin/pagelisting to the end of your site URL 
    (For a Google Apps site > https://sites.google.com/a/DOMAINNAME/SITENAME/system/app/pages/admin/pagelisting)
  2. Find the affected page and click on the revision number (in the Revisions column)
  3. Go back through the revision history to find the last save without the error and revert to that if possible


D. Remove the page
  1. Create a new ordinary page, and call it "dummy".
  2. Go to More actions, Manage site, Pages (from any page other than the offending one). 
  3. Find the offending page, and drag and drop it onto the dummy page.
  4. It will then become a sub-page of the dummy page.
  5. Now you can delete the dummy page. Go to the dummy page click More and select Delete page. Dummy page and the bad page will both be deleted.
If a page has been designated a landing page you won't be able to delete it. You must first make a different page the landing page.
  1. From the More Actions menu, select Manage Site.
  2. In the General section under "Landing page - This is the default landing page that users will see when they visit your site" click the Change button.
  3. Choose the page you would like for your landing page (the default is "/home").
  4. Click Save Changes.

Apps Script Problem

Developers are currently unable to view or modify Apps Scripts associated with Google Sites Classic. The list of scripts associated with a site shows "No scripts found". New scripts created in Sites Classic are not properly associated with the intended site; a standalone script is created instead. The experience for end-users viewing Classic Sites with Apps Scripts installed is not affected.  (10May2018)

Can't Save Analytics Code

If the Analytics code won't save when pasting it in, try entering the code character by character instead of pasting it.

Header image disappears every time I edit fonts and colors

This happens when you upload the background image with spaces in the file name so if your file name is site header background.png change it to site-header-background.png and this will stop happening.

When attempting to edit the header logo it jumps back to the home page

There is a bug in the editing function when there are some large custom logos. Clicking on the header actually clicks on the logo, which causes a page redirect. A fix is in the works but in the meantime, the workaround is to click the upper left corner of the header, as this should hit the overlay element and not the logo itself.

Hebrew Language Problem

Users whose sites use the Hebrew language have reported difficulty editing their sites.  The issue has been reported to Google and the staff is looking into it.  Classic site owners can temporarily change their site language setting to English. New Sites owners can change their language setting in Chrome. 

Made Sidebar Too Narrow

If you accidentally make the Sidebar too narrow you may have a problem trying to edit it again. Here is a way to recover from this problem:

1. Open the site in Chrome
2. Use the gears menu and pick "Edit site layout"
3. Right click on the "Sidebar" title on the top of the area for editing the widget, and in the right-click menu choose "Inspect Element"

4. In the dialog that will open, you will see an element with the text "Sidebar" selected
5. Two elements above it is the table cell width the width of 50px
6. Double click on the 50, change it to 200, and hit the "Enter" key
7. The sidebar should now be visible and editable properly

Delete Draft Post

  1. Go to your Announcement page
  2. Click on "Your draft post"
  3. Click Cancel
  4. Click More
  5. Select Delete page
  6. Under "Really delete..." Click Delete

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