If you have registered a domain name you can map your Google Site to it. See this help article for instructions.
Note that you can't map to a "naked" domain, such as, you have to map to a sub domain. like To make the naked domain work you have to forward it to the www sub domain.

The condensed version of the help article is:
  1. In your domain configuration create a CNAME record of type "www". that points to
  2. In your Google Site configuration add a web address like ""

If you have more than one Google Site you can map one of them to a different sub domain. As an example, in my domain,, is mapped to my main Google Site. I also have a different Google Site that is mapped to

Here is how I did it:
  1. In my domain configuration I created a CNAME record of type "tour" that points to
  2. In the Google Site configuration of the second site I added the web address "". See the image. Click it for bigger view.

Try it: 

Splash Page:

Some people want their site to have a "Splash Page" that has  no header, sidebar, etc. 
  1. To do this you can create two different sites, one for the splash page and another for the rest of the site that may be configured with header, etc.
  2. Map to the splash page..
  3. Map the main site to a different sub domain, maybe 
  4. Put a link to on the splash page.
  5. Optionally put a redirect gadget on the splash page.
For an example go to 

Note: I use the 'splash' sub domain only for demo purposes. Normally you would follow the instructions above.

If you do not use a domain please see these instructions by PhilRidout 


In addition, if your domain registrar allows it you can forward sub-domains anywhere. GoDaddy allows for 252 forwards.
Be sure to forward your naked domain '' to ''.

Try:  forwards to a site on my ISP forwards to a site on forwards to another Google Site forwards to another Google Site mapped to a domain

Note: If you use forwarding only the URL showing on the viewer's browser will change to the target URL. If you use forward with masking the URL will remain "".