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KC|Cloud|Solutions The Unofficial Google Sites Help Center is a free service offered by Google Sites User Forum Top Contributor bcj19.  
Kirksville Web Design "Kirksville Web Design was formed in early 2010. We strive to be on the cusp of innovation and web design by incorporating Google Sites and subsidiary applications..." 
Kirksville Web Design Blog  
Liv's Google Sites Info, Helpful Links and FAQ's Lots of Information and Links! 
Mori's Google Sites School Navigation Menus, Image Help, Sounds, Gadgets and more 
PJR's Google Apps and Sites Guide A collection of information and "How to's" about Google Apps and Google Sites. By Top Contributor Phil Ridout 
Prac's Website Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets For Google Sites 
Steegle.com A help site for Google Sites by Top Contributor Stephen Hind. FAQs and How-Tos. Also Google Apps and Google Sites Setup Services. 
Template Help (Warning...some of the info in this site is outdated) How to customize logos and all other template aspects 
The new Sites Help Forum The old Help Forum is now in the new Group format. 
The Virtual Classroom Workshop This site shows how to build virtual classrooms using Google Sites and other Google Apps. 
Tips and Tricks for Google Sites (Annuaire du Vin) Sections on Social Gadget, Sounds, Feed, Flash and more. 
Web Princess "We offer two web design services that get your business or organisation online fast." 
Working With Google Sites Well done help page by a teacher, Tony Amsler 
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