Photos and Other Images

You can upload images directly to your Google site. There are a couple of things to be aware of:
  1. If you upload a large image (such one that may come from your camera) the picture may not be displayed. You may see just a blank square with possibly a red X on it.  This image must be downloaded each time the page is viewed and if your Internet connection slows down your web browser will timeout and display the missing image icon. The solution is to re-size images before inserting them. It is usually fine to do this unless you need to present your viewers with really high-resolution images for printing purposes. Also, realize that such a large picture will take several minutes for the viewer to download before it appears so you should reduce the quality as well as pixel size. See note
  2. Uploading pictures to your site will rapidly eat up the web space allocated to you. Uploading your images to Google Drive and inserting them from there will help prevent this.  When you insert them into your website you will be able to select the size you want. Examples below.
 Small 200x133  Medium 320x213  Large 400x267


Field Day 2011

Resize Your Images and Reduce File Size: In the past I used Photoshop Elements but now I use mostly online editors. Some examples are:  GIMP, iPiccy, pixlr, Canva and Aviary.