Google Drive Images

Insert an image from Google Drive
Image from Google Drive

  1. In Google drive view the image and click the Share button
  2. Set the option to Public (Anyone with the link might work but I'm not sure)
  3. Copy the URL. It will be like
  4. In the page editor in the site click Insert and select Image
  5. Select Web address and insert the address you copied and change 'open' to 'uc':
  6. Click OK
  7. In the toolbar under the image select the size you want, etc.
  8. Save the page
If you want a title to show on on mouseover, edit the HTML of the page and insert a title tag:

<img alt="Image from Google Drive" border="0" height="150" src="" title="Image from Google Drive" width="200">

It is easier now:

  1. Make sure the image is to to be Public. A good way is to create a folder for your images and set the folder to be public.
  2. In your site click Insert, select Drive, then Image and select the image
To make an item public check its box and click the share button:

In the share window click Advanced

Click Change
Select Public on the web and Can view

You can select S, M, L, 100% or Original as sizes to show of your image. Viewers can see the full size image when they click on it.
Unfortunately you aren't able to stretch the image to the size you want when editing the page, you only have those fixed sizes, but you can select one of them and then go into the html editor and change the height and width parameters as you wish. You can remove the height parameter and the when the width parameter is changed the height will change automatically.  You can also set the width to a percent (width="60%") and the image will resize according to the viewer's window size.

In the image below I set the size to 100% and then edited the html, found  style="width: 100%;" and changed it to  style="width: 40%;". Now the image automatically resizes with changes to the viewer's window size.