Inserting Google Photos

Picasa Web Albums is no more but your photos are still available on Google Photos.

To insert a photo into a Google Site use Insert>>Google+>>Photo

Using Insert>>Image>>Web address and inserting the sharing URL from Google Photos does not work!

One problem exists: When inserting a new photo in Google Photos and you make it "Shared" it will appear in your site but when a viewer clicks it to view the full-sized image it will not appear unless the viewer is signed in with a Google account. Public photos transferred over from Picasa Web albums work OK.

A work-around is to post the image in a Google+ public post. Doing so apparently makes the image fully shared.

Google is aware of the problem but apparently are unable to do a quick fix.

Here is an image from Google Drive. Use Insert, Drive, Image.

2012.06.21 Robin Fisher dance company. Prove dello spettacolo New Beginnings al teatro Toniolo.

Here is an image in Google+ Photos. Use Insert, Google+, Photo