Remove Bad Page

Create a new page called "Temporary-page" on your site and set the "Bad-page" as a child of this newly created "Temporary-page". Then you delete "Temporary-page", the "Bad-page" will also be deleted.

Detailed instructions:
After creating  Temporary-page" click on the "More actions"-->"Manage site" Then click on the "Pages" button in the "Site content" section to see the tree structure of pages on your site. Use your mouse to drag the "Bad-page" and move it to be a child of the "Temporary-page".  Return to the site.

Now go back to the "Temporary-page" and click on "More actions"-->"Delete page" button to delete the "Temporary-page". This will also delete all children of the "Temporary-page" including the "Bad-page".

Above information is stolen (slightly modified) from