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Elegant Solutions

Online Mixing Service
Online Mixing Service

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To get the date time, edit the html and insert:
<iframe src="http://free.timeanddate.com/clock/i211x1y1/n77/fn2/tcccc/bo2/tt0/ts1/ta1" frameborder="0" width="380" height="23"></iframe>

Visit timeanddate.com to get the code for your timezone.
Subdomains such as "http://bob.w8shi.net" must be configured in your domain hosting setup.  
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Page counter 
Go to http://www.reliablecounter.com/ and sign up for a counter.
Paste the code they give you in the HTML of the page by clicking the HTML button while editing the page.
Another Counter
Go to http://www.statcounter.com/ This one gives a some stats that you can view. You can configure it to have the "View My Stats" link or not. You can still view your stats by clicking on the count and signing in with a password.
To get the box format I inserted the following code in the HTML:
<div STYLE="margin-left: 5pc;
margin-right: 5pc;
background-color: green;
color: white;
padding: 4pt;
border: 2pt;
border-style: solid;
border-color: black;
font-family:  Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;
font-size: small;
font-weight: bold;
text-align: center;">
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