The gadget spec URL could not be found

I went to for an example of Javascript "Tip of the Day".

I modified the code a little and then created a Gadget for it. See Building Gadgets for Google Sites

I got the URL for the gadget, then inserted it into this page.

This script shows different text each day. You would have to edit the text in the gadget for your own tips.

Note: In the text certain characters such as quote and apostrophe must be 'escaped'
with a backslash. For instance, for a quote you must enter \".

Complete text of my gadget is attached below. Click the down-arrow to download it to your computer.

You can avoid creating a gadget by making an HTML page and saving it in a public DropBox folder or Google Drive  and inserting into your site from there.  See instructions here and here

Robert Wilcox,
Jun 12, 2011, 10:23 AM