Use Temp Site

You can copy your site to a new URL and use this new site for trying things out.  Theoretically you should be able to copy this site back to the original site, but this sometimes doesn't work right so I recommend copying the changes and pasting them back.

  1. Click the Gear menu  and select Manage site.
  2. Near the middle of the page, click Copy this Site.
  3. On the next page, choose a new name for your site and enter it under the "To" section in the box next to "Site name."
  4. By default, the new site will have your existing site's current sharing settings. You can prevent this by deselecting the box next to "Copy Site Collaborators". Revision history will not be carried over automatically from your existing site. Click the box next to "Include Revisions" to copy over revisions to the new site.
  5. Verify you are human by entering the distorted characters into the text box below it.
  6. Click Copy.

Unfortunately when some people try to permanently delete the site to free the URL, they get a mysterious "Server error" and thus it is impossible to move "mysitetemp" to "mysite" because the URL is not available.

This is a known issue. There is no known workaround apart from waiting 30 days after which the site will be permanently deleted. See:

If this happens you you should be able to recover the site. If you access the URL of the site while signed in with the same account that you used when you deleted it you will see:

The webspace [site name] was deleted by [account name] on [date and time deleted] 

You will have buttons to recover the site or cancel.